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… is a Southern California based luxury interior and furniture designer, initially recognized for her bold work in Hollywood. As former Executive Designer for Sony Pictures Studios and later Director of Interiors for 20th Century Fox Studios, Joni’s design profession began with redesigning historical studio facilities constructed in the 1930’s. She shaped her career renovating studio spaces for some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Writer and director James L. Brooks (Jerry Mcguire), writer and creator Chuck Lorre (Two and a Half Men), Rupert Murdoch (News Corporation), and actors Sean Connery and Richard Gere were among her clients. Joni attributes those years working for some of the most discerning clients and creative minds in film and television as what sets her apart from other designers. Today with a concentration on residential design, Joni’s projects continue to evoke glamour and the allure of surprise, combining imagination and creativity with her belief that each room is a scene to excite the eye. 


… born and raised in Michigan, Joni relocated to California in 1987 after completing her degree in Interior Design. Married with two children, Joni divides her time between her Los Angeles and Wine Country Residences.

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